About Devon Haley


In 2015 I moved to Orange County partially to escape east coast winters and partially for an exciting career opportunity. I quickly found my place in the vibrant and healthy lifestyle of southern California— with the seemingly endless opportunities to climb mountains, go to yoga classes and sip on green smoothies. Between my days spent as as a digital marketing manager for a major ecommerce retailer I rediscovered my interest in meditation and hiking. After a while, it only made sense to unite my passion for wellness and conscious-living with my marketing career.

Living in southern California, I sometimes forget that living a preventive, mindful and wellness-first lifestyle is not so accessible in other areas of the United States or world. However, with a mobile phone, everything is becoming increasingly global. This opens major opportunities for the wellness community. I’m motivated to be a part of this positive change by helping brands expand their customer and client reach through the digital space.