Intuitive digital marketing for wellness and conscious-living brands.


I help wellness, natural beauty and conscious-living brands succeed through smart, strategic digital marketing. In the heavily saturated wellness market the only way to stand out to is to ensure your brand message is coupled with a sound digital blueprint of solid social media and search ads, continuous organic search traffic, strategic email marketing and engaging content. With over 8 years of digital marketing experience for multi-million and billion dollar ecommerce companies, I am well versed in the best tactics to reach and retain your ideal customers.

My business values come from my years of experience managing digital marketing for retail ecom brands and working with various marketing agencies plus my passion to live a more mindful life.


  • Intention-based decision making

  • Setting clear measurable goals

  • Only using the most cost-effective tactics

  • Continuous learning to grow your business and my own

  • Transparency with metrics, communication and expectations

  • Staying positive because what is life if you aren’t having some fun!


From SEO to social ads, to email marketing to overall strategy. I know the ins and outs of digital marketing strategy and would love to help your brand succeed!

I provide consulting for:

  • Digital Strategy

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

  • Search Engine Marketing (SEM / PPC ads)

  • Social Advertising

  • Email Marketing

  • Content / Copywriting

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About Me

In 2009 I took a meditation course that changed my outlook on life. Learn more about me, my digital marketing experience and why I am so passionate about living mindfully.